Al Dvorin (Elvis has left the building):
Nice personality – nice to meet you even 25 years after……..
Al Wertheimer (Elvis’ official photographer 1950’s + 60’s):
“Elvis would have been proud to meet you. Keep on Rockin ! ”
Bishop Freddy Washington (Gospel Star USA):
To my new friend Nigel: “Thank you for your musical talent and ministry !”
Calvin Bridges (Gospel Star USA):
”Glory to God, you’re “chosen” too ! God bless you !!
Charlie Hodge (Elvis’ aide):
Yes, I do remember you – still looking good – all the best, Nigel !
Cynthia Nunn (Gospel Star USA):
”Hey, that’s Elvis singin’ Gospel – Cool ! God Bless !!
Debbie Reynolds:
”Great to take Pictures with Elvis again – Thanks again for your great chocolates !
D.J. Fontana: (Elvis’ drummer for 16 years):
– “Great, great show Nigel, was nice playing for you, Sir !”
Elvis Presley Club Switzerland “Guitar Man”:
“Nigel’s obvious “goldmine” is without a doubt his fascinating look, his true to life, stunning similarity with the King. Even his jumpsuit, is a perfect replica of Elvis’s “Aloha Eagle Jumpsuit”. It’s incredible, as to how confident he performs on stage – also, not forgetting, the signing of autographs offstage. It is an undeniable fact that Kingsley’s charisma and Aloha is absolutely a perfect example of a real talented showstar with a bright future…”.
Elvis Presley Impersonators International Association, Chicago Illinois, USA: The president writes:
“I found Nigel Kingsley very professional in his representation of continuing the legacy of the King. Thank you so very much. We really enjoyed your performance and also the friendliness you showed”.
Elvis the Entertainer Fan Club, Herrliberg, Switzerland, writes:
“I’ve never been an impersonator fan but Nigel Kingsley radically changed my opinion and underestimation. I respect his talent, and he does a very good job on the songs. That is the real difference between him and other impersonators. Nigel is absolutely worth visiting and I am already looking forward to seeing him again. Good luck, Nigel !”
Erann DD:
“Love ya, Nigel, for staying in the spirit of Music and Love. You are my brother and you can depend on me anytime ! Can’t wait to see the Pink Cadillac 1959, you pick me up…?
J.D. Sumner from the Stamps Quartett:
“Keep smiling for Elvis – Nigel !”
Jerry Lee Lewis:
“Look, he’s alive…”
Jessy Dixon (Gospel Star USA):
”Great voice, God bless you !”
Joan Orleans:
All the best and God’s blessings for you !
Joe Esposito (Elvis’ close friend):
Here he is again – keep up the good job. Thanx for those swiss chocolates and keep on Rockin’N’Rollin !
John Brack:
“Was great, we’ll do it again – thankyou !”
Julie Parrish (Elvis’ Co-Star in “Paradise Hawaiian Style”):
Accept this 8 x 10 photo as a token of my thanks to you for looking after and taking care of my family.
Kathy Westmoreland (the girl with the high voice):
Thanx Nigel for your huge Teddy Bear, he even had a seat next to me in the plane returning home – you’re so kind !
Kurt Aeschbacher Swiss TV – Casa Nostra Talk Show:
„You have been the best !!! “
Luther Vandross:
“Hey look guys, that’s Elvis !”
Mr. Lansky Sr. (Clothier to the King, Memphis):
You’re looking great Kingsley, keep looking great !
Wow, It’s amazing how he looks – He’s the closest to Elvis than anyone I’ve ever seen besides Elvis !
Oslo Gospel Choir – Tore W. Aas:
“To my good friend and brother – God bless you !”
Percy Sledge writes:
“He even looks like Elvis !”
Peter Kraus writes:
“Bravo – all the best”
Priscilla Presley:
“Amazing similarity”
Rick Marino of Florida, EPIIA second President:
“Nigel Kingsley is the classy and flashy best of both worlds between Elvis and Liberace. Just check out his slick style, his sparkle, his hair and his rings. I’m simply envious…”
Ron Kenoly (Gospel Star USA):
“Thank you for helping me out !! Thanks !”
The Amazing Platters:
“A really great guy, a real sweetheart and a friend always. We know you’ll make it real big !”.
The Imperials (Terry Blackwood):
“Always nice seeing you both again – God bless!
The Jordanaires write:
“Keep up the memories
The Supremes:
“Thank you Nigel: A fellow star, a good friend and a very sweet man”.
Tom Jones said:
“He’s unbelievable, he really looks like Elvis – nice surprise meeting you, Sir!”
Tomas T. Syquia, Ambassador of the Philippines:
“I’m proud knowing you – always a treat enjoying your performances !”
Vernon Presley (Elvis’ uncle):
“Now you really shocked me Mr Kingsley. Just go ahead and keep them happy !”
Wanda Jackson:
“Yes, you really look like Elvis. You know what, I even dated him and wished to have sung a duet with him !!”


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